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Short Review: “Digital Capture After Dark” by Quintenz-Fiedler and Scholz, O’Reilly March 4, 2013

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DCADCombine a busy life and short winter days and you don’t have a lot of natural day light to practice photography. So, the “Capture After Dark” part of the title interested me. While we’re talking about the title, let’s start with the bad. I kind of grew allergic of the “digital” adjective in photography books. Most of the time, it’s a cheap way to reprint some old material. And let face it, older photography books are just fine as a learning tool even when using a digital camera: the principles are the same. Books that take the “digital” identity seriously and add specific content (1/3 of this book) often fall in an other trap, by trying hard to be a manual for a specific version of a specific software package. As a result, when released, a big part of the book is either outdated or irrelevant (in the case you prefer to use other software, e.g. FOSS).

Luckily, the other two thirds of the book are about photography. As stated in the introduction, the information “is presented as a variety of techniques regarding equipment choice, technical approach, subject matter, and production practices”. This is certainly the case, and the book is useful and applicable, certainly if you’re relatively new to photography. On the other hand, if you already have replaced a camera because you used it to death, you won’t discover much new: yes, you need a tripod at night and warm clothing :) .

So, if you’re new to photography, I’ll give it a 3 stars out of 5 (1/3 of software manual killed it for me). If you’re not, maybe 2 out of 5: it’s not a bad book and certainly not something very technical of that goes deep in the artistic part of photography. Nevertheless, it’s very fast read and it’s good to see the bits you’ve learn in one document.

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