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Still no javafx for Linux? March 3, 2009

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javafxI use a lot of Sun software: java, mysql, virtualbox, solaris, solaris cluster, etc.

Today, while having a look at webservices as an alternative to Swing clients, I decided to have a look at Sun’s attempt at the RIA market: Java FX.

Sadly, the javafx sdk has only be released for windows and macos. I guess Sun doesn’t get it that it needs as many developers as possible as its alternative is a few years late compared to the competitors. And a lot of linux users are developers/admins…

I know they are workarounds to get the sdk running on linux, but why bother?


1. the4thchild - March 17, 2009

I would love to see JavaFX support on Linux as well. I was surprised that the JavaFX runtime downloaded and installed on my Linux platform through Java Web Start, and my application actually launched! No codec support though, and hopefully we’ll have full support soon.

2. wim flory - April 16, 2009

I still think it sucks, it was promised for the first quarter which in my calendar passed.
Why do we all behave like sheep and don’t tell Sun that they are loosing credibility

3. JavaFX compiler for Linux very soon? « *n*x - May 11, 2009

[…] sun trackback Good news. It seems that Linux and Solaris are getting the JavaFX development kit. Finally. In the fight against Silverlight and AIR every developer counts. Still some questions remain […]

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