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Finally some sense on RMS – de Icaza September 30, 2009

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microsoftThe best thing I have read on the subject: background and no FUD. Guess what, RMS is right (and guess again: he’s not talking about Mono).


1. Paul Cobbaut - September 30, 2009

thanks for posting this

2. pvanhoof - October 1, 2009

Sorry, but I read ~ five lines and I see a bunch of utter piece of shit:

> For that reason alone, even if you don’t agree with his goals,
> he has earned respectful treatment. Anything less is boorish.

Oh and Miguell doesn’t?

> But if you simply can’t restrain yourself from ad hominem
> attacks on Stallman

Calling Miguel a traitor isn’t an ad hominem attack then?!

You call this “sense”?

If you can’t see that this is total crap, then you must be extremely hard into being intellectually dishonest.

That fundamentalist nutcases agree with it, sure. That doesn’t mean anything, though. Definitely not that it “makes sense”.

claudio - October 1, 2009

I may have expressed things differently than RMS, something like: “Miguel de Icaza left the free software movement a long time ago to become a Microsoft apologist. Good luck to him”.

Miguel may have done nice things in the past, but nowadays the only thing I see him doing is copycatting MS technology or pushing the MS agenda (patent deal with Novell, document standard, MS flash clone for linux, etc, etc.). Forgetting the known rethoric of RMS for a second, I fail to see how it’s fundamentalist. It’s the same thing as many people have already concluded (see the flamebaits), specially after the Novell patent deal.

The point is, and specially for all the Mono people: RMS is NOT talking about Mono.

claudio - October 1, 2009

> Oh and Miguell doesn’t?
He does. But that doesn’t exempt him from critic.

> Calling Miguel a traitor isn’t an ad hominem attack then?!
It is, but by RMS. The comment is about a journalist-blogger making a big deal and changing the facts to attack RMS instead of writing about what RMS said and why.

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