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This site is about *n*x. UNIX. GNU/Linux.

UNIX and UNIX-like is a silly distinction based on trademarks rather than Operating System architecture. But also important, it’s a subculture. Because I have a Solaris and/or Debian/Ubuntu GNU/Linux background, I’ll probably stick with things about those two UNIX families. However, things should be pretty similar on other UNIX systems or GNU/Linux distributions.

My technical background –this is my technical blog– encompasses UNIX System Engineering, architecture and programming. I am active in the Perl community (CPAN author, Padre developer and organizer) and try to help other Free and Open Source projects (OpenCSW, FOSDEM, Ubuntu, etc…) when time allows. The idea is to put some things on-line I have gathered, written or programmed. If you want to contact us or want to report an error or a bug, send a mail to nxadmmnp.png.

Anyway, this is a small way to give something back to the *n*x community for the how much I have received, not in the least my profession.

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