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Be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you (ebooks) February 25, 2012

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I love it when I get a fair deal in this greedy digital world. Paying twice for the same content is something I really dislike.

Besides the content, I like chromatic’s way of doing business: you can freely download the DRM-free pdf of his book (Modern Perl) even if you don’t buy a hard copy. Guess what, I bought the book the day it came out.

Although O’Reilly does make you pay for the electronic content of a printed book you already own, they give you a very fair deal: “Upgrade to the electronic version of any print book you’ve registered at oreilly.com, for just $4.99”.

I just got the DRM-free digital version of 5 O’Reilly paper books I already own and I don’t feel cheated at all. Be careful though not to mix offers like the 5$ book “upgrade” the half price for new releases of books you own. In this case you’ll pay half price of the full ebook price instead of the 5 $.

This is how you make customers happy. Treat me with respect and I won’t mind sending some money your way once in a while.

High-Order Perl now legally available online December 10, 2008

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perlIn case you haven’t read it elsewhere, High-Order Perl written by Mark Jason Dominus is now legally available on-line without cost. Get it here.

Of course, if you find the book useful and/or interesting you should buy it. You will not only acknowledge Mark’s work, but you will keep the Perl book micro-cosmos alive. Books that help you learn and widen your knowledge are a must for a language to flourish (not only for languages, by the way).

Having the real thing before buying gives you the power as a programmer to decide if it’s worth your money (no one can buy 1000 books). This beats reading reviews, table of contents or even a quick look in the bookstore.

Thanks for the trust, Mark.


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