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Perl@FOSDEM: a big thank you! February 4, 2014

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Just a short post with a huge “thank you” to everyone that made the Perl presence (dev-room + booth) at FOSDEM 2014 a success: the speakers, the video and booth responsibles, the volunteers that decided on the spot to help us man the booth or helped us to set it up/break it down (this was a heavy job: we had the biggest collection of Perl books *in* *the* *whole* *world* and a huge camel with us…) and of course everyone who attended the talks or talked to us at the booth.

And last and not least, the people from FOSDEM itself. Organizing and running an event of such size and importance is a herculean task. And yet, every year 5000 FOSS people leave with a smile on their face and full batteries to continue our work advancing FOSS.

Thank you,

Claudio and Wendy, the Perl@Fosdem organizers.

Perl@FOSDEM2013: we will be there January 28, 2013

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FOSDEMWe did it. A dev-room was cancelled by an other programming language community at FOSDEM. So why not help out and fill the void? A full program for a Perl dev-room  with a deadline of two days. The schedule will appear shortly on the FOSDEM website (Perl dev-room) once they refresh the data.  When the schedule will be online you’ll discover how cool it is…

Thanks for everyone on the community making this possible!

Also, have a look at Wendy’s post about the dev-room.

Perl@FOSDEM2013: A very late Call for Papers January 25, 2013

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Dear Perl Mongers and friend,

PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO YOUR PERL CONTACTS  (excuses for the yelling:) )

We have to make this short and simple. Therefore most of this email is copied from last year’s Call for Speakers.

Perl Dev-room, Saturday 2 February 2013, 11-19h.
Perl booth, Saturday and Sunday 2-3 February 2013, 11-19h.
FOSDEM, Brussels, 2 & 3 February 2013 https://fosdem.org/2013/

Free University Brussels, Campus Solbosh: https://fosdem.org/2013/practical/transportation/

Why so late?
Because our dev-room request was denied at first. They gave it to another programming language community, so we ended with only a booth. Now, the other community had to cancel their participation. We are Perl, so we jumped in and we asked for this. We got it.  Now we have to fill it.
So be quick and send in your presentation proposal.

Send proposal to who?
Both Claudio Ramirez (nxadm, email: padre.claudio at apt-get.be) and Wendy van Dijk (email: nl.pm at wendy.org).

Perl booth and dev-room information (most is from last year’s Call for papers):

The stand request is approved some time ago.  The stand will be open throughout the weekend. The dev-room event will take place Saturday, February 2nd 2013 , between 11:00 and 19:00, in room AW.126. The room itself has 75 seats, WIFI and a VGA projector.

This environment, being a university classroom with raised seats, lends itself perfectly for talks. This is a wonderful opportunity to present your Perl project ­big and small­ or talk about subjects you care about. We are looking for a variety of subjects on all levels: starter and advanced, generic and specialized, core internals and CPAN. We have 8 hours time, so we have the flexibility of using different time formats: e.g. talks of 20 minutes, more classic talks of 40 minutes or longer (although we learned from experience that longer talks should be split into slices of 20 or 40 minutes).

Please don’t doubt to send a proposal (information about yourself, subject, short description and time needed). If you have several subjects you are enthusiastic to talk about please send alternative proposals. In the case more than one talk is not selected, your proposal will help us when putting the schedule together and even have backup talks in case someone cancels. Also mention your time constraints (if any).

Please send your talk proposal by e-mail to the address below as soon as you read this.  You will receive an answer within 2 days. We will submit a definitive schedule on Sunday 2013-01-27 to the FOSDEM organizers.

Please forward / distribute this call as wide as possible (certainly to your local mongers).

Thank you.  Hope to meet you all in Brussels.

NB1: This is a community event without sponsoring. We don’t have the means to pay for your trip and time. If you want to sponsor part of the event, please feel free to contact us.

NB2: We’ll also appreciate volunteers, booth and dev-room. Please tell us your availabilities so we can also prepare a planning for this.

Perl devroom @FOSDEM2012: photos April 27, 2012

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Finally I found the time to “develop” my Perl dev-room @ FOSDEM 2012 pictures (convert from camera RAW files to jpg). It was a very nice event. If you missed the Perl dev-room in the past year, you should really visit us in 2013. Or even better, give a talk.

In the pictures above you see Nicholas talking about Moose. He forgot his mac-VGA adaptor (ahum) so he ended up writing code on the blackboard (“the loudest syntax checker on earth”). Marc mixed some Haskell in his talk while Flavio showed some Javascript-powered Perl. Clément presented a Perl SSO solution and Erik showed us a open source accounting solution. Stefan introduced the PerlCommerce platform, while Ævar (a famous guy being the most mentioned name in Programming Perl, 4th ed!) talks about git-deploy (or rather git-undeploy:) ). Marius explained the marriage of Moose and MemCached.

As the organizer of the Perl dev-room, I had to attend to a few things during the talks. My excuses for not taking pictures of Mark’s and Guillaume’s talk (I was able to attend most of it, though). Sadly,  I didn’t had the time to photograph our fabulous Perl stand (although I have some pictures from last year): Wendy, Liz, Eric and all the other volunteers did a great job.

Thank you for a successful Perl FOSDEM presence.

The Program was as follows:

Welcome to the Perl devroom Claudio Ramirez AW1.121 09:00-09:05
Moose Primer Nicholas Perez AW1.121 09:05-09:25
Advanced Moose Techniques Nicholas Perez AW1.121 09:35-09:55
Perlude: a taste of Haskell in Perl Marc Chantreux AW1.121 10:05-10:45
Perlito Flávio Glock AW1.121 11:05-11:45
The LemonLDAP::NG Project Clément Oudot AW1.121 11:55-12:15
LedgerSMB: Open source accounting running on Perl Erik Huelsmann AW1.121 12:25-12:45
Modern PerlCommerce Stefan Hornburg AW1.121 13:25-14:05
Rapid real-world testing using git-deploy Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason AW1.121 14:15-14:35
POSIX::1003 Mark Overmeer AW1.121 15:00-15:40
The FusionInventory Project Guillaume Rousse AW1.121 15:50-16:10
Using Moose objects with Memcached Marius Olsthoorn AW1.121 16:20-16:40

Perl@FOSDEM and some photographic impressions February 8, 2011

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All right. FOSDEM was –as always– great. 4 to 5000 Free and Open Source people on the same event has to rock. While I attended many talks about different technologies (Devops aka “System Engineering meets development”, Monitoring, Go Programming language, …), I focussed mainly on the Perl activities (pun intended).

Following Gabor’s initiative (this guy runs on Duracell batteries), last year (2010) we set up the first FOSDEM Perl booth: one table, some volunteers, many visitors and great reactions. This year (2011) everything was even better. We had a big booth at the main hall, attributes (a giant Camel (!) and probably the biggest Perl book collection in the world (!)), books to sell, a packed developer’s room on Sunday, a Perl dinner and many volunteers. There were at any time several people at the booth and sometimes even too many:). With so many volunteers it was possible to attend whatever session you wanted and also participate on the Perl developers’ room.

Here follow some pictures I took with some comments:

David Leadbeater’s Tracing Perl with DTrace/SystemTap

Liz and Wendy were to crazy nice enough to bring their giant camel and the biggest Perl book collection in the world. Both attributed really attracted visitors.

We had several books to sell… but not enough. We were sold out of chromatic’s Modern Perl halfway the first day (20 books!) and dams’s Perl Moderne (not the same book) was almost sold out as well!

Wendy and dams (from Dancer and “Perl Moderne” fame).

Although we didn’t have Automating System Administration with Perl at the booth, several people passed and showed us proudly their copy bought at the O’Reilly stand.

Spot the Perl hacker…

The main booth hall.

Those guys had something to celebrate: a new Debian stable was born.

Our perl-friendly neighbours…

We had several self-confessed Perl people: everyone like camels:)

No pun intended (the text reads “Whinging Bastard”,
DevOps? – More than Marketing by James Turnbull) :) .

Spike Morelli’s I’m Going M.A.D..

We had 13 people attending the Perl dinner! From left to right: Zeno, Bart, Gabor, Liz, Wendy, Dirk and Balint (the rest arrived later).

Mark Overmeers’s Perl data structures.

David Leadbeater’s Tracing Perl with DTrace/SystemTap: very interesting for a Solaris guy like me.

Introduction to writing readable and maintainable Perl by Alex Balhatchet.

Padre hackers Zeno and Gabor (Padre, the Perl IDE).

Paulo Castro (Packaging Perl and it’s deps…) took us to the Dark Side…

The image integration facilities of WordPress.com are pretty poor. If it wasn’t for some command line Perl foo, I would have given up posting this message. There is no way I would have gone through if I had to click 10 times for each picture…

Indymedia.be FOSS tech call March 20, 2009

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be_the_mediaI received this very interesting mail from indymedia.be. They are a 100% free and open source based organisation heavily based on drupal and GNU/Linux.


Indymedia.be, the belgian chapter of the global Indymedia network, is forming a tech volunteer team to work on their website. The goal is to build an advanced participatory news website, based on Drupal. Features will include: an on line newsroom, sub websites to allow local and thematic groups to operate their own part of the site, automated video transcoding, and much more. If you’re interested in helping out and being part of a group of highly motivated tech people, read on at http://www.indymedia.be/en/node/32264.

– bruno

Specially for people on the belgian planet grep, this is a great opportunity to combine foss ideals, technical knowledge and social commitment.


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