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Add rar extraction to Gnome’s Archive Manager (file-roller) May 11, 2009

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You may see this when trying to decompress a rar file:

Too bad that file-roller does not tell you what to do (in contrast to Rhythmbox when new codecs need to be installed).

The solution is very simple, just install unrar like this:

sudo apt-get install unrar

That’s it. The Archive Manager can uncompress rared files now.

Dual monitors on Ubuntu 8.04 bug July 6, 2008

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Nowadays, the GNOME screen resolution setting allows you to configure multiple screens pretty easy. It seems to work just fine. However, it’s a front-end to the X config an as such it has some problems. In my case, it allows me to clone my main monitor (is that useful to anyone?), but not to extend my desktop over both monitors.

The problem is related to the frontend not passing the errors from the underlying system (xrandr), so you don’t get any hints why it does not work. Maybe my home setup is kind of strange as I use two different resolutions (an LCD 1280×1024 connected though vga and the laptop 1024×768 screen as a second monitor), but still it shouldn’t be that uncommon. I enable the dual monitor setup when useful (gimp), but most of the time I find the different resoltion annoying. At work I use two 1680 x 1050 LCDS.

Anyway, the solution to enable a dual monitor is pretty simple. (more…)


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