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JavaFX compiler for Linux very soon? May 11, 2009

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javafxGood news. It seems that Linux and Solaris are getting the JavaFX development kit. Finally. In the fight against Silverlight and AIR every developer counts. Still some questions remain open:

  • Will SUN open JavaFX completely now (don’t make the JDK error twice!)?
  • When will -at least- Netbeans get a JavaFX graphical editor in the same level as the Netbeans’ Matisse Swing editor?
  • And last but not least, what will Oracle do with JavaFX when it owns SUN?

Anyway, if the apparently well-informed rumour is true, it is indeed good news.

Blastwave is dead, long live OpenCSW and … Blastwave! November 18, 2008

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damnLet’s face it. GNU/Linux is miles ahead of Solaris when talking about an integrated package management. The combo dpkg/apt-get on Debian and derivatives and even rpms are killer features for many sys-admins and users. The huge well-maintained software repositories are amazing.

Solaris pkg-system (SVR4 packages) and patch-system (individual patches and patchclusters) feel like ancient history. On a fun day I’ll end up writing a perl wrapper for pkgadd and co. (pkgrm, pkginfo, patchadd, patchrm…) to accept parameters in latin…

If you don’t feel like compiling from source dozens (hundreds?) applications and libraries you can always count on kind-of-sponsored-by-SUN sunfreeware. However, dependencies are handled by looking in a web page which dependencies the package has. And which dependencies the dependencies have on an other page, and… You get the picture.

Blastwave to the rescue? The last months have been sad for the Solaris community.


VirtualBox: Install Windows XP using pbx boot June 24, 2008

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VirtualBox is a great product for a developer (or even a regular user) to run several OSes simultaneously. I run Linux on my laptop, but I need a Windows partition with certain software and updates to connect to the work network. A virtual machine is a fine solution. Specially when running in seamless mode (only the program is open in your Linux desktop and not the complete Windows desktop).

Installing Windows from cd on a VirtualBox instance is really easy. However, I need a *specific* windows installation that can only be installed from a Windows PXE server at work. Sadly, the virtualbox open source edition delivered with Ubuntu 8.10 is unable to do this. This is what I did: (more…)

Sun Workstation w2100z and Ubuntu 8.04: no keyboard or mouse May 5, 2008

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When upgrading to Ubuntu 8.04 (or when booting with the live disk), my workstation (Sun w2100z) lost the keyboard and mouse (both are usb). Both were present and enabled at boottime (I chose the language and keyboard layout at boot time of the live cd). Luckely, the problem is solved.



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